Paper Munchers Review

Paper Munchers is a casual and very addicting game developed for the iPhone by Big Blue Bubble, based in London Ontario.

The objective of the game is to get the smaller monsters into the mouths of the bigger monsters.. In order to complete the task theplayers must tap the screen which triggers a bomb and moves the monsters around the screen into the mouths of the bigger beasts.  The bombs can be used at any time even while the monsters are in flight. The munchers have a certain colour associated to them and if the player manages to get the same monster into the mouth of the muncher the player is awarded with an extra bomb. This comes in quite handy because each level only begins with three bombs.

There are two types of bombs that a player can use. One is permanent and  is refreshed before every level. The player is given three of these. The other is temporary and can be purchased in game via in game credit or with real money.

The design of paper munchers is quite pleasing. The style is very playfuland silly. The audio for the game is also very good. The munching effects created by the paper munchers always make me chuckle.

In my opinion Paper Munchers is a silly yet very entertaining game. You are sure to put many hours into this addicting game which has 75 levels. If you haven’t already, be sure to get the trial version of the game. Once hooked you will definitely want to purchase the actual game.

About the author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world.


New Jobs Created in the Gaming Industry

Ontario is helping Gameloft Inc, a “leading international publisher and developer of downloadable video games” (Interactive Ontario), to open a foremost digital arts studio in Toronto. The new facility will be able to employ up to 205 individuals.

With the support of the province the company will be able leap in front of the competition in one of the fastest growing markets. With 300 games already available through Gameloft, the company will continue to create digital games designed specifically for mobile devices.

Partnering with business is a key part of the McGuinty government. The government plans to expand this industry and provide more jobs for Ontario families.

Ontario’s Interactive Digital media tax credit is attracting many game development businesses to Ontario. These tax credits were a major factor inin Gameloft choosing to locate itself in Ontario

Junk Battles – Review

Junk Battles is built around RPG style game play. The creators have produced a unique system which incorporates quests and PVP battles, in a robot battle game. At first, I thought the game would be short and quick, with a racing and fighting style of game play. To my surprise, the game play was more like a RPG with similar MMORPG style tasks like tournaments and PVP battles.

In my opinion,  game falls short on a few aspects. With repetitive music and graphics, Junk Battles needs to improve on its overall design.

The game battle style is more interesting; with timed attacks and customization the battles become more enjoyable. The added difficulty of measuring the amount of time for the weapon to be used adds an extra level of difficulty.

The game action stays pretty much the same, but with customization and new weapons Junk Battles keeps adding more levels and advancement.  

In the end, the game is fun to play with the PVP battles and customization. If you are into RPGs and cars, I would suggest you try this game out.

About the author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world.

How to choose a MMORPG?

Every gamer has played at least one MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). As a gamer myself, I have played many MMORPGs, putting in lots oftime, and sometimes even getting a little addicted. It is the world of the game which traps a player and makes them want to play nonstop. The fact that the game actually never ends adds to the hours of gaming, not to mention,   a lot of money spent on energy drinks.

In the online gaming world there are two routes a gamer can take: the F2P (free to play) MMORPG or the P2P (Pay to Play) MMORPG. There are a lot of reall great F2P games, much better than the P2P games, but having a P2P adds the extra support of admins and GMs overseeing and making changes to the game constantly. 

Many MMO players jump from game to game constantly looking for a game that fits their style and has a community that they would like to join. I have come up with a list of things that might make it easier for gamers to choose a MMORPG that fits them just right.

Game Story

The story and content of a game are the main things that attract a gamer to an MMO. Make sure as a gamer you know what kind of player you are and what kind of stories you like. You can play a sci-fi game, a medieval style game,  or a super-hero themed game, and the list goes on. You need to research does the story follow the gameplay and design you like. Also does the game have the content you want? Does it have PVP (Player vs. Player) and does it have raiding, or what is the levelling for your character like. These are things a player must consider before making a decision.


Once you have found a game with the story and content you like, now’s the time to look at game mechanics. This part requires  a lot of research. Yes games do require research to be done by the gamer. A player should look at how a game balances while you are trying to play it. Is it very unbalanced, meaning that a certain  class dominates and can win the PVE and PVP battles? Is everyone in the game going after the same health and manna points and armour or do you have variety to choose whether to be pure strength or pure magic or a hybrid and still have achance to build a strong character. A game should have balanced characters and builds so not to have an unfair advantage for a certain class.


Be sure to select a game which has a design that is appealing to you and can run on your computer. Many games look amazing and are visually appealing but will not play on your computer.  A person should always look at if the game is something they can stare at for hours on end and if it’s playable on their  PC.



As a player you need to know that you will be investing a lot of time into the game. I am talking about grinding (not on the dance floor) through a game to level your character. Some MMOs have a very long and arduous grinding process. They all make it seem easy at the beginning where it can take a day or less to get to LVL 50, but once you hit a certain mark, it can take 5 days to go up one level. This  gets very aggravating. If you are a person who feels accomplished after reaching a higher level after 5 days (like me) then pick a game that will allow you to have that sense of accomplishment.


As you are playing the game it makes it easier to go through the long and hard process by identifying yourself with your character. If you buy the certain style of gear to make the type of character you like, it makes it a lot easier for you as the player to continue playing and having fun. Many games have introduced class and job platforms where a player can be a rogue and a craftsman. These sorts of things add extra excitement to the game.

All in all, research before you pick which game to play, and make sure you have the time to play it. While you may try not to get addicted to the game, it happens to the best of us.

PlayStation Hack – Might have Helped

The PlayStation Network is fully functioning for everyone in all parts of the world. But with this past attack, PlayStation was hit quite hard. Sony has been trying everything to get back customers who lost faith in their security. As a result, they introduced the “Welcome Back” package for their customers. It includes 4 video game titles for the PS3 (Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Dead Nation and WipeOut).

However, the hack on Sony may have done more good than bad. According to the EEDAR, all four “Welcome Back” titles were in the top 25 of consumer reported title acquisitions in June 2011. Moreover 17% of IGN users indicated they acquired a PSN digital account in June 2011 which is up from 13% before the system hack. Not only has this increased PSN digital accounts, but the program also boosted the sales of PS3 games in general.

PlayStation’s share among the next generation console has also increased to 44% from 40%.

Ultimately, the hack is showing to be a good thing for Sony, increasing the amount of ownership in households.

The partnership between Dark Horse and Bioware

Dark Horse comic book publisher announced that they will be publishing a new book, Mass Effect: Invasion, the latest instalment in the comic book series. The graphic novel will be released on October 19. Itwill tie directly into Mass Effect 3, which will be released on March 6, 2012.

Mass Effect: Invasion is an upcoming four-issue comic mini-series that will follow Aria T’Loak, Pirate Queen of Omega as her station comes under attack from a new threat unleashed by the human-survivalist organization Cerberus.

The series will be written by BioWare lead writer Mac Walters, scripted by John Jackson Miller, and drawn by Omar Francia, with contributions from cover designer Massimo Carnevale. Mass Effect: Invasion will show why the planet of Omega is important, and how it is a large part of the game. Invasion takes place between Mass Effect 2 and 3, bridging the gap between the two games

Dark Horse also recently discussed the release of the Old Republic comic series, Lost Suns. This story follows two previously released Old-Republic comic books about a spy from the republic who is the son of a Jedi grandmaster, but not a Jedi himself. The panel then began discussing the relationship between Bioware and Dark Horse. The two teams discussed how the relationship between them is autonomous yet they both have the ability to collaborate with each other. (Where was the panel discussing this? And Who made up the panel?)

Dark Horse said that the partnership has given the gaming community and the graphic novel community a place to join and collaborate together. It has opened more doors for both communities.

Burn The Rope

Big Blue Bubble Inc. announced yesterday that their massive hit game, Burn the Rope, is coming to WiiWare. With over 5 million downloads on the iPhone, Burn the Rope is sure to tear up the scene on Nintendo’s WiiWare download service.

Players can now enjoy the game from the comfort of their couches, and see the rope burn in high resolution graphics.

I recently had the chance to see the game first hand and experience the graphics and the gameplay. The video quality is amazing. Playing with unique controls, adapted into the Wii,the game handles smoothly and plays very well.

Burn the Ropeuses a tricky game play mechanic in that the fire only goes upwards.  It is up to the player to move the rope using the nun chuck to keep the flame alive. As you move through the game you will encounter many different kinds of bugs each with their own style of powers. Some change the color of the flame while others shoot out string to aid you in reaching higher levels of the game.

Burn the Rope has the following features:

  • Over 100 different levels
  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • High resolution graphics
  • Easy to jump in and play, yet still allowing he hard-core gamer competition
  • Fun for gamers of all backgrounds

Burn the Rope was released in the North America today so download your copy now.

About the author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world.