Why you need to be at DIG this year!

Are you an avid gamer? Or interested in web development?

Since I first started Echidna (and years before that too), I’ve always been interested in keeping up to speed about “what’s going on” in the digital media industry. From mobile and website development to digital gaming – things are always changing and advancing at a rapid pace. To me, that’s one of the most exciting aspects of our industry.

Not surprisingly, by 2015 the mobile gaming industry is expected to reach $54 billion and I recently read an article that stated 84% of tablet or mobile device owners across the world play videos games on a daily basis – not to mention those who frequent their Xbox360, Playstation3 or PC to play. It is clear that the gaming industry is going nowhere, but up.

Whether you share a passion for gaming or are simply a technology junkie at heart like me – DIG 2011 is the place for you!

Taking place on November 16th and 17th this year, the Digital Interactive Game and Web Conference “DIG” is evolving once again with new speakers, exciting contests and unique networking opportunities.

Are you stuck on a project and need some insight? Come to DIG! Meet, greet and discuss your ideas with some of Canada’s leading game and web developers. Come to DIG! Learn about current economic trends and gaming demographics that could affect you and your industry.

In my opinion, digital, online and mobile gaming is no longer just a means of entertainment – but, is becoming a large profit centre for all of North America. 

Trust me, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn and explore at this digital media conference!


Andrew McClenaghan President, Principal Owner

Echidna Solutions Corp

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